Packing can be a great (and cathartic) way to take the time and go through your possessions and thinning out the unnecessary items that may have clogged up your space. Why not hold a garage sale, or donate items to a worthy charity before you move? 

Create a thorough list of all your mail contacts. For a small fee, Australia Post can forward your mail to your new address for a duration, but why not get prepared by making a list of all the businesses you will need to change your address with? Prioritise those that are most important first (such as family members, banks, government bodies like Medicare etc).

Allow plenty of time to pack as it can take longer than expected if you have a lot of possessions. Dotting all your i's and crossing your t's in a timely manner will ensure the move is less stressful on you, more cost-effective, and a smoother process for all involved. 



Jims Handy Moves is happy to help to dismantle and reassemble furniture for their customers, but if you're looking for a more cost-effective move, you can save money if you do this yourself, in your own time. 


Ensuring your move goes smooth and easy can be as simple as choosing the right box for the contents. Using purpose-built moving boxes will ensure your items are protected during the move, and packing heavier items (eg books) in strong book and wine boxes will save time because using lots of small boxes will mean more loading time. Lighter items can be placed in tea chest-sized boxes.


Moving can be a really scary process for your pets. You'll be saving them some of the stress if you can ask a friend to pet-sit them during your move.